There Is No War on Teachers – Education Next

Public schools are constitutionally empowered to educate our next generation, but they often stray from that path to over-emphasize the rights, pay, and benefits of their employees. In a stunning decision, a judge in the California Superior Court has ruled that, because education is a fundamental right of California youth,...

Vergara, Harris, and the Fate of the Teacher Unions | Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Jump to navigation The most interesting story coming out of the landmark Vergara and Harris decisions is the coming irresistible-force-immovable-object… more Continue reading

Want to help prevent school shootings? Build safer campuses. - Los Angeles Times

We have all lived through tragic moments in history that have impacted our lives, consciously or subconsciously. My mother was the one who explained this concept to me, saying she never forgot exactly what she was doing when she learned that JFK had been shot. It was an instance of...

One thing we can learn from Shanghai: How to develop teachers – The Washington Post

Shanghai has been No. 1 on the Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA, two straight times — in 2009 and 2012 — though it is now considering pulling out of the exercise in part, officials say, because they don’t want to place so much emphasis on standardized tests. That sounds...

Teachers, the Common Core, and the freedom to teach | The Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Jump to navigation Common Core watchers out there have probably heard this one before: All the teachers I know hate the Common Core. There are undoubtedly some… more Continue reading

Changing Education Paradigms

Interesting way of looking at things

2014 Teacher Prep Review – NCTQ

Teacher Prep Review 2014 is the second edition of NCTQ’s annual assessment of the nation’s 2,400 teacher prep programs. The Review uncovers early evidence that teacher prep programs are beginning to make changes. It arrives at a time of heightened, unprecedented activity across the nation to improve teacher preparation.

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