You Are Asking The Wrong Questions About Education Technology


Source: Education technology is trendy. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t read an article or have a conversation in which someone makes the familiar argument that “education is the one industry that hasn’t embraced the technologies of the 21st Century. Read more about You Are Asking The … Continue reading

Disabled California high school graduate seeks to void diploma and sues to redo senior year

Source: According to the Los Angeles Times, a Newport Harbor High School graduate is asking a court to invalidate her diploma, saying that teachers and administrators cheated her out of a quality education by boosting her grades and waiving assignments after she suffered a traumatic brain injury in her s … Continue reading

8 Tips to Create a Twitter-Driven School Culture

Source: Author’s Note: Thanks to Joe Manko, Liberty Elementary School principal, for inspiring this blog post during an impromptu edcamp at #SXSWEdu this year. For an example of a school trying to create a connected culture through Twitter, follow Liberty Elementary’s hashtag and jump into the conversation. IRead more … Continue reading

Study: Children With Mentors Find Happier, More Fulfilling Careers


Source: While most of the evidence has been largely anecdotal, the idea that a mentor can help guide you along a better path in life is hard to argue against. Read more about Study: Children With Mentors Find Happier, More Fulfilling Careers

Becoming A Thought Leader: 5 Ways To Prove You Know Your Stuff


Source: Our clients don’t just buy our products and services. They also buy our expertise. They want to work with the best of the best—salespeople who know their stuff, ask the right questions, and deliver tailor-made solutions that get them the ROI they deserve. Read more about Becoming A … Continue reading