Not Just Teachers: Supporting Students’ Success

Source: As summer ends and the school year begins, we often think about teachers and students heading back to school. While teachers prepare lessons and students learn new concepts we can’t forget the service employees who provide support that enable the schools to run efficiently. Read more about Not...

How Well Do Schools Communicate?

Source: On August 20, the first results of the 2014 PDK/Gallup Poll of the Public Attitudes Toward the Public Schools were released. Entitled, Try It Again, Uncle Sam, the report’s overall conclusion is that Americans aren’t convinced that federal involvement will improve public education. Read more about How Well...

Simple Steps For Strong Team Building

Source: Little in a large organization is accomplished without many hands touching it. For an executive, few skills are more valuable than being able to put together, and successfully direct, large teams for important projects. Accordingly, following are some simple steps for strong team team building. Read more about...

Will ‘creative’ and ‘hands on’ summer school foster a love of learning?

Source: SANTA ANA, Calif. – Nine-year-old Sarahy Lopez’s silvery singing voice washed over the audience as her Goldilocks declared “so sorry” and “please give me a break.” But her pleas were slow to sway Baby Bear (Noe Lopez, 7) who growled, “I’d rather stay angry and eat her instead.”...

Making teaching teachable

Source: Many of our recent ed-reforms—e.g. Teach for America, alternative certification, the Hamilton Project, and various “new teacher” projects—implicitly subscribe to the idea that great teachers are born, not made. Read more about Making teaching teachable

How to Integrate Tech When It Keeps Changing

Source: Asking if technology enhances learning is like asking if dogs are playful. Whether we’re discussing tech or those furry mouth-breathers, the answer is the same: it depends on the situation. Read more about How to Integrate Tech When It Keeps Changing

Sharpen your pencils: Tennessee revives cursive handwriting teaching

Source: Children in Tennessee will have to get used to holding a pencil again next year when new cursive handwriting standards go into effect in schools throughout the state. Read more about Sharpen your pencils: Tennessee revives cursive handwriting teaching

A Surprising New Study On How Video Games Impact Children

Source: Parents tend to approach video games like junk food: games are fine in moderation but ultimately they are an evil temptation that’s more bad than good. Read more about A Surprising New Study On How Video Games Impact Children  

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