Now Serving Nutrition — Mikey Likes It!

Source: Oh, dear. Packing your kids’ lunch might not be the healthiest option anymore. Two years ago, new federal guidelines aimed to up the nutritional intake of school lunches. Bye-bye, mystery meat and chocolate milk; hello fruits, veggies and whole grains. Read more about Now Serving Nutrition — Mikey...

The Real Reason Some Schools Start After Labor Day: Is It Worth It?

Source: While many of my friends across the country were busy spending their holiday weekend with barbecues and lazy days, I spent my Labor Day weekend shopping for school supplies, reminding my kids to finish their summer assignments, and filling out school forms. Read more about The Real Reason...

Librarians Are A Luxury Chicago Public Schools Can’t Afford

Source: Two years ago, the Chicago Public Schools budgeted for 454 librarians. Last year, the budget called for 313 librarians, and now that number is down to 254. Read more about Librarians Are A Luxury Chicago Public Schools Can’t Afford

Security measures increase as schools open for new year in a new era

Source: At Julius West Middle School in Rockville, Md., all doors are locked after the morning bells ring. Those who arrive once the schoolday begins must buzz to get in, and they are video-recorded as they speak into an intercom. Read more about Security measures increase as schools open...

California high school drops controversial mascot, but keeps ‘Arabs’ nickname

Source:   THERMAL, Calif. – A Southern California high school has retired a controversial Arab mascot. The bearded, snarling mascot with a large hooked nose who wears a head scarf did not appear at Coachella Valley High School’s season opening football game on Friday. Read more about California high...

Verbal Ability Of Teacher Is Most Important Factor In Raising Student Achievement

Source: Sometimes I feel there is a conspiracy to distract would-be-teachers from the simple path that will get them a job fresh out of college. Read more about Verbal Ability Of Teacher Is Most Important Factor In Raising Student Achievement

Should Schools Be Run For Profit?

Source: Education is rarely short of polarizing issues but one in particular looks likely to dominate the education debate for some time to come, and that is whether schools should be run for profit. In the U.S. Read more about Should Schools Be Run For Profit?      

Undergraduate Grades Are The Most Important Factors In Your Future Academic Life: Get Them Right

Source: I was treating a former Eagle Academy For Young Men mentee — and co-star of the Crotty’s Kids debate documentary — and his mom to lunch at Balthazar a few weeks back when I found myself pontificating, as I am wont to do, about the importance of strong...

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