What is Expected of a Great Teacher

As educational leaders, our priority is to make the best possible learning atmosphere for students and help teachers educate in the best classroom atmosphere. Although the majority of teachers are wonderful and show passion for education and student success, there are a few individuals that seem to not get the...

Changing Education Paradigms

Interesting way of looking at things

How Do We Educate Global Problem Solvers? | Edutopia

Guest blogger Zoe Weil, co-founder and president of the Institute for Humane Education, offers two strategies to help students become conscientious about and connected to the global problems they’ll one day be called upon to solve. Read more… www.edutopia.org

How Flipped Classrooms Are Growing and Changing | EdTech Magazine

A new survey shows the flipped classroom model is expanding and changing in K–12 classrooms, with 30 percent more teachers adopting the teaching method since 2012. The data is based on the results of an online survey taken by 2,358 educators that was conducted in February by the Flipped Learning...

Social Media Literacy: The Five Key Concepts | Edutopia

Edutopia blogger Stacey Goodman describes each key concept of media literacy, also explaing why it’s important, as teachers, we know what they are. Read more… www.edutopia.org

9 Ways To Keep Your Meetings Simple And Productive

Both in business and in war, second chances are hard to come by (if existent at all) which is why maximizing meeting time is crucial to operating efficiently. Here are nine ways to keep your meetings simple– and coming out with a “win” at the end: Read more at www.forbes.com

The Promise of a Great School Leader | TNTP.org

We know great teachers are important: Research—not to mention our own school experiences—tells us so. And as the recent verdict in the Vergara v. California trial made clear, equal access to great teachers is every child’s constitutional right, at least in the state of California. Read more about The Promise...

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